Transformación de la EDAR del Baix Llobregat en un nuevo modelo de Ecofactoría


Millet Cairol, Maria


The incorporation of new energy vectors in the industry world is an urgent factor for the mitigation of climate change and for the well-being of the planet. This Final Degree Project aims to propose a future scenario of what is currently the Baix Llobregat Wastewater Treatment Plant, shining a light on the possible implementation of two projects in which existing facilities are optimised and others are built. These projects aim to be energetically sustainable. The purpose of carrying out the first project, also called the BIOMETANO Project, is to increase the production of biogas obtained from sewage sludge and increase the plant's self-consumption of energy. The generation of biomethane and its injection into the gas network are subsequent steps. Therefore, calculations were made to optimise the plant's digestion capacity and to assess the feasibility of building the following three facilities: a sludge reception platform for sludge coming from another sewage treatment plant, a liquid codigestion system and an upgrading platform to purify the biogas and obtain biomethane. Then, based on a material and energy balance of the current situation of the plant, the operation of a new scenario has been estimated. Its economic viability has accordingly been calculated. On the other hand, the aim of the second project, also known as the LIFE NIMBUS Project, is to build a biological methanation plant. This project is meant to be demonstrative, with 2 million euros of funding available to experiment and obtain biomethane. This biomethane is to be obtained in a reactor from the biogas from the sewage treatment plant and from the electrolysis of regenerated water and is intended to be used as biofuel to power a daily bus for Barcelona's urban transport. In order to contribute to this project, the control strategy of the future plant must be precisely described. A HAZOP study must be carried out to analyse the functionality and operability of the plant.



González Olmos, Rafael


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering