Garcia Pinyol, Ferran
Ruiz Sangrà, Aleix  


Currently in the world there is a big problem with the waste generated by disposable plastics, these are in all supermarkets on the planet and generate a lot of waste that is then not recycled. These are packaged and shipped to countries that accept this type of waste and most end up in the sea or in large landfills. In addition, we must take into account the amount of energy consumption used in travel. We are aware that 91% of plastics are not recycled, which we consider a serious problem. Our idea is to create an ECOEFICIENT online supermarket that sells products in bulk. These could be; pasta in kilos, household cleaning products, personal hygiene, nuts, rice, seeds from the area or region in which we are working, etc. In short, Km 0 products that promote the consumption of local and environmentally friendly products. The advantage of our business is that we will provide a necessary service for people, such as shopping, but at home. Much more comfortable and without generating any kind of environmental impact. In addition, the added value will have is that we reduce the use of disposable plastics as we as a company will reuse all the packaging that customers will use and recycle all the waste that we will generate in our distribution warehouse , but our goal is to generate 0 waste as a company. Also, the packaging that we will use for sale will be made of recycled plastic and will be sold to the customer in the first purchase of each product and from there customers can reuse for subsequent purchases. Our home delivery service will be carried out entirely with electric vehicles, such as the use of Nissan E-NV 200 vans that have very good technical qualities, ideal for our business idea. Our company will have an environmentally conscious social responsibility and one of our goals is to give 5% of our profits to NGOs dedicated to the care of our planet, for example, "Coral Gardereners". It is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the recovery of marine ecosystems by planting live coral in different parts of the planet. To carry out our project we plan to create a start-up. we decided to create it with a capital of less than € 400,000. as this encourages investors. In Spain, a deduction of up to 30% in personal income tax is offered for individual investments of less than € 40,000. Our target customers are people who prefer to shop online before going to a local and customers who are aware of climate change. For example, our goal is to find a central point that has around 3 urban centers to reach the maximum number of people possible, for example, between Sabadell, Terrassa and Sant Cugat.
Today in Spain, people don't usually rely on online shopping due to doubts that the products are fresh. We offer an online store where we take the store home. There will be customers who decide to make their purchases online and there will be others who prefer to see the products in person. Our idea offers local products. All food must be from the land and we can also offer organic products for customers who wish. Therefore, we believe that this idea, if done right, can be effective and innovative. Shopping online is already an increasingly consistent reality (a step that will come sooner or later) and at the same time we relate it to the reduction of pollution due to plastics and the distribution costs generated by this sector. In addition, we also reduce the traffic of people on the roads, as many people use the car to go shopping.



 Arlandez Mañá, Àlex


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management