Estudio de la reactividad a alta temperatura de aleaciones ligeras sobre recubrimientos cerámicos


Ramos Masana, Ana  


The interaction between molten metals and the surfaces of ceramic or metallic materials is the key in various manufacturing processes, such as the injection of light alloys, iron foundry or the synthesis of metal-ceramic composite materials (MMC, Metal Matrix Composites). This interaction translates into a phenomenon of wettability to a greater or lesser extent of the surface, which can be modulated by the application of surface treatments. The process of injection of aluminum alloys is probably one of the processes with molten metals with more industrial impact. In the present work, the wetting process for Al9Si3Cu and pure aluminum were analyzed experimentally with coated steel samples using the sessile drop method in vacuum in a contact angle device designed and constructed specifically for this project. On one hand, thin coating deposits deposited by the MS-PVD (Magnetron Sputtering Physical Vapor Deposition) or HiPIMS-PVD (High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering) of TaN, TiB2, TiN, (Ti,Al)N , MoN and DLC (CrN). On the other hand, thick coatings deposited by HVOF (High Velocity Oxyfuel) of Cr3C2-NiCr and WC-CoCr have been used. The evolution of the angle and the contact radius have been studied by recording sequences of images and the wettability curves have been determined through the subsequent treatment and image analysis. The wetting mechanism has been determined from the wettability curves and the metallographic characterization of the surface and the cross sections that show the evolution of the liquid-solid interface and the formation of intermetallic compounds. The effect of the alloy, the composition and morphology of the coating in the wetting behavior are discussed, and the results are compared to those obtained with uncoated system. The results show that coatings delay the reaction between the metal substrate and the molten aluminum.




Colominas Guardia, Carles 


IQS SE - Enginyeria Química i Ciència de Materials

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