3D printing of stretchable silicone-based materials for applications in biomechanics


Molins Colomer, Mireia


3D printing of silicone elastomers with Direct Ink Writing (DIW) process has demonstrated great poten-tial specially in the medical field to print medical phantoms that have the same material properties as human tissue. However, most of the silicones used nowadays for these applications are not printable because of their low viscosity and long curing time.
In this thesis, a rheological study was carried out in order to study the material properties and printa-bility of a self-formulated silicone. Aerosil® R202 was added as a rheology modifier to improve the print-ability of this self-formulated silicone. Once the composition of the silicone was established, a study of the optimal 3D printing parameters was carried through a Plackettt-Burman design of experiences to effectively control print speed and accuracy. Finally, a medical phantom of a kidney was printed using the DIW process and the developed silicones.



Reyes Pozo, Guillermo
Texidó Bartés, Robert


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering