Recycled corrugated wire hose cover as biological carriers for greywater treatment in a sequential batch biofilm reactor


Tombola, R.; Buttiglieri, G.; Auset, M.; Gonzalez-Olmos, R.


Greywater treatment and reuse can be considered a promising option, in particular in water scarcity affected areas. In this work a waste material, namely recycled corrugated wire hose cover, was applied as an alternative and cheap carrier in a sequencing batch biofilm reactor (SBBR) for greywater treatment. The bioreactor performance was studied in terms of organic matter, nitrogen and micropollutant removal. Four operational stages were investigated: i) inoculation of the carriers; ii) greywater treatment with suspended biomass; iii) synthetic and iv) real greywater treatment with inoculated carriers in the SBBR. The SBBR could treat real greywater showing high removal efficiencies for COD (86.5 ± 5.8%), ammonium (98.4 ± 1.4%) and total nitrogen (71.4 ± 8.2%). The obtained efficiencies were similar to the ones obtained with commercial carriers and to other treatments such as MBBR or MBR. In terms of micropollutants, 7 out of 13 detected micropollutants were highly removed (efficiency higher than 85%) while 5 of them (ofloxacin, metoprolol acid, venlafaxine, iopromide and hydrochlorothiazide) were found to be highly recalcitrant to the treatment.








Journal of Environmental Management​, 2019, vol. 240, p. 475-484

Date of publication