Adam Foods in the Chilean market. International marketing plan for Cuétara’s products


Hatzfeld, Isabel
Venegas, Juan


In the fast-changing world we face today, with increasingly demanding and empowered consumers, with more regulation in the markets and with more solid competitors, it is imperative to make decisions based on as much data and information as possible.
The objective of this report is to provide Adam Foods with as many elements as possible in order to develop and expand its cookies and snacks business in Chile with more information, taking advantage of its strengths, leveraging the opportunities that the Chilean market opens up and preventing the threats it faces in a highly competitive market.
This marketing plan will follow a work structure based on different phases. First of all, an internal analysis of the company is made, in which we aim to detect both the strengths that Adam Foods has to develop its business and the weaknesses in which they should work and improve. Then, we continue with an external analysis, which tries to detect both the opportunities and threats to which the company is exposed in the Chilean market. In this section, we review both the macro and micro environment. Among other things, a PESTEL analysis will be carried out and both the consumer and direct competitors in Chile will be reviewed in depth, ending with an analysis of Porter's forces to see the attractiveness of this market. In the next section, and taking into consideration all the analysis of the internal and external situation, we will make a SWOT analysis, in which a diagnosis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is made. Then, and based on this diagnosis, we will take the strategic definitions for the company, in which elements such as the segment of people to which the products should be directed as well as the current and desired positioning in the minds of Chilean consumers will be reviewed. Next, we will see the marketing mix, in which we will see the tactics to be implemented for the next period that support the defined strategies. Finally, the implementation Gantt chart will be shown, as well as the budget and the scorecard.
This entire marketing plan is based on information provided by the company and on secondary information sources from studies conducted by various prestigious organizations, which aims to provide technical support and rigor to give the greatest possible support to all the analyses, suggestions and plans described in this study.




Palau Saumell, Ramón


IQS SM - Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management