Anàlisi de Cicle de Vida i Estudi Docent de Models realitzats amb Impressió 3D


Abellana Badias, Sergi


This paper analyses the life cycle of models made with 3D printing. Specifically, a series of 3D printed pieces are made to be used in a didactic way in the subject of Graphic Expression for 1st year students of Industrial Technologies Engineering and, subsequently, an analysis and study of the environmental impact and life cycle of these 3D printed pieces made with certain plastic materials is carried out.
The project consists of four different pieces: the cone, the sphere, the cylinder and the tetrahedron. For the four different pieces, a series of cuts are made in each piece to be able to appreciate the different sections into which each geometric figure is divided and to show in detail to the students of the Industrial Technologies Engineering degree all the resulting geometric shapes. Subsequently, an analysis and a specific study of the environmental impact of the material with which I have been able to 3D print the different geometric pieces, this material with which the complete study has been done is PLA (lactic polyacid). After making a specific study of the material, a numerical analysis is made of the amount of environmental impact caused by each PLA process to reach the final pieces created and what is the greatest and least influence within this process in order to reduce most of the environmental impact in the entire process to make 3D printing.
The work includes the different calculations, plans and dimensions that have been made in SolidWorks to carry out all the parts, it also includes a general budget of the whole process that has been done to carry out the study and feasibility of 3D printing parts.



Llaverias Baqués, Núria


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering