Análisis CAE de un sistema ortodóntico. Estudio Biomecánico


Xam-mar Jiménez, Carlos


This report exposes the realization of an orthodontic model that aims to simulate the behavior of the mouth when an external load is applied.
The model is based on the finite element method and provides results on the position and orientation of the teeth when they receive a mechanical stimulus either with forces applied directly or through orthodontic appliances.
The model is fully developed from real clinical data and covers the geometry acquisition phase, the material characterization phase, the meshing phase, and the boundary conditions definition phase. Finally, the model is validated by means of the reproduction of two load cases: one based on scientific papers and the other, with special relevance, based on a pa-tient clinical history, supervised by the orthodontist in charge of the case.
Prior to the realization of the model, an introduction is covered that includes a theoretical foundation of relevant concepts, a review of the state of the art of orthodontic modeling liter-ature by means of finite elements and a comparison of the different tools available to carry out biomechanical studies.



Puigoriol Forcada, Josep Maria


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering