Análisis de la producción científica sobre criptomonedas en el área de negocios, gestión y contabilidad a través de scopus


Hernández Vela, Diana Carolina


The evolution of the internet and technology by leaps and bounds has made it possible to complement an internet of information with an internet of value exchange through a technology consisting of chains of blocks, called blockchain, known as the Internet Industrial Revolution (Jimenez, 2019). In this sense, the present work is oriented to carry out an analysis of the scientific production on cryptocurrencies in the thematic area of ​​business, management and accounting through all the documents published in the Scopus database until the year 2021. The analysis of the documents will focus from four perspectives: 1) Articles, 2) Authors, 3) Magazines and 4) Keywords. Finally, we will conclude about the points discussed.



Martínez Blasco, Mónica


IQS SM - Master’s Degree in Auditing and Management Control