Análisis energético y económico de los métodos de boquilla de presión y de dos fluidos en un equipo de secado por atomización


Vera Massana, Marc


Spray-drying is a technique to produce powder from a liquid by rapidly drying with hot gas in a drying chamber. To do so, first, the product must be sprayed using different atomization strategies, specifically in the pharmaceutical industry they stand out: two fluid nozzle and pressure nozzle. In this Final Degree Project, the energy consumption and economic costs associated with each atomization strategy have been calculated and concluded that both are similar and the main difference lies in the consumption of nitrogen as process gas. In this sense, the experimental results of the pressure nozzle atomization strategy have been applied to the simulation of a production campaign of Esteve Química.



Sempere Cebriàn, Julià
Vilao, Ana ; Brugat, David


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering