Análisis técnico de la viabilidad energética de diferentes vectores energéticos de origen natural y sintético


Ferrer Talarn, Laia


The project studies the viability of fuels as an energy source and analyzes the future trend in the use of fuels. To this end, a study has been carried out on the processes for obtaining fuels from the refinery, synthetic fuels, biofuels and alternative fuels. The energy cost of fuel production and the potential for process improvement have been compared, depending on whether the processes are at a competitive market price or still in studies and laboratory tests. It has been concluded that currently viable fuels are those of fossil origin; biofuels and synthetics have potential for medium-term viability, as they do not yet have competitive costs. On the other hand, hydrogen is an unviable fuel in the medium term, since the energy cost was still very high and the processes are still in experimental stages. The project also shows current lines of research to produce fuels using atmospheric carbon dioxide and therefore promote decarbonization and decrease the greenhouse effect, such as Direct Carbon Capture or syn-fuel.



Gallemí Rovira, Oriol 
Berzosa Rodríguez, Xavier


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering