Análisis y seguimiento de pruebas de eficacia preclínica de un candidato a fármaco contra la septicemia


Zubiría Arana, Rafael


The company Sepsia Therapeutics SL works on research to reduce the bacterial, fatal, health and economic burden caused by sepsis throughout the world. Sepsia Therapeutics SL is currently analyzing in vivo and in vitro preclinical results to establish the efficacy of a drug candidate against sepsis based on the human CD6 “Scavenger” receptor.
Human scavenger receptors are natural proteins on the surface of blood cells. These receptors interact with and neutralize core structural components of microbial cell walls, including Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) strains, which are optimal targets for combating both the focus of infection and the deadly inflammatory immune response in sepsis.
The administration of a drug derived from the scavenger receptor, “scavenger”, human CD6, (fig. 1), recovers sepsis-induced mortality, reduces inflammation caused by the immune system and reduces the microbial load (Gram positive/negative and MDR ) in a mouse model of septicemia. This points to a therapeutic effect in the treatment of sepsis and an innovative alternative to current combined antibiotic/fluid resuscitation/vasopressor approaches of limited success.



Isamat, Marcos
Cuartero Albesa, Ana


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy