Aplicaciones de los motores eléctricos de nueva generación a la movilidad eléctrica


Fornesa i Arnau, Ignasi


This project analyzes today's electric motors. The document contains a first chapter that focuses on traditional electric motors and later explores the new generation of motors. Each motor has a constructive and operational explanation along with a series of illustrations that allow the reader to understand the operation of each motor.
All the new generation engines presented in the document have an analysis of their current application in the automotive traction sector, the characteristics that can highlight the engine in this sector and a prediction of its presence in the market during the next few years. The future projection of each engine will not only consider its mechanical performance, efficiency, and volume, but will also consider the raw materials of construction according to their abundance and price.
In a final chapter, an analysis is made of the electrification of mobility in the present and in the near future. In order to assess the growth of the sector after the date of the paper, the current barriers and their possible solution are investigated.



Tormo Vento, Juan Antonio


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering