Argus: EQ


Castañé Bellver, Christian
Cuervo Derqui, Luis Jonás


Technology has not stopped advancing over the last decades, and it has done so exponentially. There is practically not a single market that has not been affected by these advances, which have allowed the reduction of production costs and even the development of new products. For this reason, companies that aspire to be successful in the long term must be attentive to the emergence of new technologies and the benefits they offer.
Our goal is to develop an artificial intelligence algorithm capable of modifying different types of sounds to make them cleaner and easier to combine with each other. If I were able to develop this product successfully, we would reduce the workload for sound producers considerably.
The product would consist of this algorithm integrated into a software, which would have an interface that will allow the user to adjust the result obtained to their liking. This interface would be adjusted to the wishes of our different targets. In this work we have focused on two types of potential clients: amateur music producers and professionals.
The basic elements to develop this product are: hardware, data (to train the algorithm) and a good team of programmers. The data consists of sound samples before and after being manipulated by sound engineers or music producers (they will be our suppliers during the development phase). The costs that these represent, together with the expenses of the corresponding advertising campaign, have been calculated in the cost structure section.
Regarding the advertising campaign, we have decided to focus it mainly on social networks, since these have great reach and impact. Specifically, we will use Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
You will also find on the following pages other aspects of the project such as: a study of the economic environment that affects us, the different values ​​and departments of the company and the expected sales in the first five years.



Ramírez Roma, Xavier


IQS SM - Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management