Avaluació de formulacions de midó de patata com a biopolímer termoplàstic a fi de substituir polímers de refineria per processos d’extrusió


Coca Domingo, Sergi


One of the problems of the current climate crisis is the generation of plastic waste, involved in the generation of greenhouse gases, in the pollution of ecosystems and in the formation of microplastics. Adding it up the depletion of fossil resources, we find ourselves in a situation where there are frequent changes to the regulations in favor of climate change, the circular economy and sustainability. So, little by little, we are asked to increase the use of renewable materials in the plastics and the use of non-compostable ones is limited.
This project studies the structural modification of starch to go from a polysaccharide to a thermoplastic. In this way, it is intended to use the starch, cellulose or sugars left over in the industry to produce an extrudable compostable bioplastic, made of renewable resources which can replace refinery polymers.
To compare the formulations made, some starch-based bags currently marketed under EN 13432 compostability certification are structurally and mechanically characterized, which will give an idea of the materials used and the mechanical properties achieved in these bags. Then, with the characterization of the thermoplastic starch formulations and the results obtained from the commercial bags, potato starch is evaluated as a source material for the synthesis of thermoplastic biopolymers to replace refinery polymers by extrusion processes.



Pou Ibar, Oriol
Teixidó Bartés, Robert


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering