BS Watch, el reloj analógico con chip geolocalizador


Mur Rocafort, Patricia
Velasco Tubert, Paula



BS Watch was born with the idea of ​​calming any individual who feels insecure or practices any physical activity. It consists of an analog clock with a geo locator chip, which has a lot as a battery. This allows the device to last longer and avoid having to charge it every day. In addition, it has an elegant but simple design, to go unnoticed.
This product has two additional buttons to call the emergency services in the event of an incident or insecurity. Therefore, the target audience for BS Watch is mainly athletes, whether professional or leisure, the elderly, and individuals who feel insecure both inside and outside the home.
The market in which the company wants to integrate does not have high entry barriers. This allows us to enter without problems, but also allows us to penetrate future competitors. However, we have the information of our partner Securitas Direct, in addition to its alarm center, in exchange for a fee. We know that the balance is on our side when it comes to competitors, as the most complex in this industry to find an alarm center.
BS Watch offers the same product to different targets, but with different designs for each one: sporty, youthful and classic style. With this, it seeks to satisfy the needs of each one, adapting to their lifestyle. To make the brand known, several advertising campaigns will be launched, where social networks will take on more weight.
The company will be created in January 2022 with a total share capital of €60,000 contributed by both partners. This monetary contribution will be used to buy the raw material for the first year, which amounts to 9,300 units, as well as office supplies, staff remuneration, etc. BS Watch is lucky enough not to pay the office/warehouse rent for the first year, as it is owned by a relative of one of the members. They will have to start paying this rent in the second fiscal year, which is a positive aspect to highlight.
According to the company's calculations, the sales volume will increase every year. The income for the first three years is €750,777, €1,341,977 and €1,990,959 respectively. Analyzing the company through the ratios, BS Watch is in optimal financial health from the beginning of its business activity.
With the designed business model, the project is profitable from the first year. By increasing the number of sales year after year, the company can consider selling outside of Spain in the long term.



Banqué, Francesc


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management