Business Case: carsable


Brumann, Lukas
Keller, Richard


“We strive to provide the single solution that enables car dealerships to focus on their business with maximum efficiency.”
As our vision statement implies, we offer car dealerships a unique software-as-a-service technology called “carsable”. We are a single product company that focuses on the software to increase our customer’s efficiency. We operate from our Frankfurt head office, and initially, we want to capture the German car dealership market. Market insights revealed that our target customers are either working on a Microsoft Excel basis or the use standard ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. However, all available options are not aligned to the dealership’s operations or carry the risks of errors. By implementing our software product, car dealerships can increase efficiency with perfectly matching processes and error-free data transition.
The timing to start the company is excellent, although the world economy dampens the outlook slightly. The software sector is still booming, and also car dealerships are operating in a growing environment. Major consolidation in the past years formed many companies corresponding to our target segment. These are small-to-medium car dealerships with 1-5 sites and less than 50 employees. This market sector represents 20.000 potential customers in Germany alone.
Offering our solution we face the competition of standard ERP solutions. However, our product is unique in the market because we offer an interface to the car brands' ordering system. This interface is not provided by any other software and provides a unique selling proposition. We will capitalize on this proposition and collect monthly fees. The fee will be 1.800€ per year and license and is a competitive price. Developing and investing in the software for the first two years is necessary to get it to a market-fit. Further developments in the third year are necessary, but the fourth year is the first with positive cash flow.
Richard Keller and Lukas Brumann direct the company. Richard already acquired business insight in an automotive dealership, and Lukas also has several experiences in different companies. The team will be complemented by software developers that bring along the qualities needed to develop the highest quality software possible. The following chapters explain the business idea in more detail and provide detailed financial planning of the company.



Olivé i Tomàs, Antoni


IQS SM - Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management