Caracterización de un horno tubular para la evaluación de los gases formados en procesos de incineración y pirólisis de muestras sólidas


Carbonell Aranda, Enric


In this project a tubular furnace has been built to simulate the combustion process of solid wastes on a small scale, and to study the parameters that influence the emissions of pollutants to minimize the environmental impact. This change in scale requires adapting all control processes to suitable meters and actuators.
By means of a rotating spindle connected to a motor, which is controlled with an Arduino board, and the code that is developed, it is possible to act about the speed of introduction of the sample of solid waste in the oven. Using a potentiometer, the user is able to adjust the input speed of the sample to the desired, seeing on the LCD screen the assigned speed. With the press of the button installed, the sample is introduced into the oven thanks to the transmission of movement of the rotating spindle, to the shuttle that contains the sample, by the force of two neodymium magnets that connect them.
With a thermocouple and a temperature controller it is possible to set the desired combustion or pyrolysis temperature.
The working range of the tube furnace has also been studied for the detection of the formation of dioxins and furans with different process conditions.



Pou Ibar, Oriol
Palmer Comas, Damià


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering