CleanClo Service


Ballesté Tomas, Jordi
Petit de Miguel, Marc


Our business idea is a home laundry service. The problem we have found is that people, especially younger ones, such as students, many of whom are renting flats, consider that the most inappetent household chores are doing laundry and / or ironing clothes. Other people, as they are newly independent, with a large workload accumulated, may also find it more difficult due to lack of time. We aim to make life easier for our users. Our target customers who we think may be most interested in our laundry service are mainly young and newly independent people, located in Barcelona. They are usually people with little time who want to save time washing, drying and ironing, as these are tasks that are generally considered to be the most tedious and time consuming. Other profiles we've seen that may be of interest to our product are people who have recently become parents; the job involved in keeping a baby and continuing to work and do household chores is very high.
On the other hand, in view of three years, we would also like to be able to deal with larger customers, such as hotel chains, we understand that getting customers will be a bigger challenge, so we decided not to consider this option until after three years. The service we offer is a home laundry service, in other words, we contact the customer through an application and / or website and collect their clothes. We then make sure to keep it clean, ironed and disinfected to prevent possible transmission of any virus (such as Covid-19). The clothes will be taken by us to an industrial laundry, with which we will work to do the washing and ironing. The customer only has to give us the clothes or accessories they want to wash and we will return it to them in perfect condition. We want to save time and work and make life easier for people by doing this heavy and tedious household chores. In our case, we don't have to make anything, because we offer a service. Our business model will be based on finding the clothes of our users at home and returning them clean. We will offer a service with the added value of a fast delivery, without delays or mistakes. So that the customer can enjoy our service, without effort or complications, they will be able to request our service through our App at a more than reasonable price. Our idea is to pick up clothes, sheets, kitchen towels, and so on. from our customers at home and once washed, ironed and disinfected we would send it to a collection point where we will store all orders. Once there, they will be ready to be taken back home, and an independent distributor will take them to their recipient. We will give the customer the option of picking up clean clothes in person, leaving them at the front door or leaving them at the front door. We will have an application that will inform you of the status of your laundry at all times and will notify you when you return home. We have thought of making a monthly subscription and thanks to the application the customer will be able to schedule the days of the week that are good for us to do the laundry. In a personalized way, the client will pay monthly / annually the type of service he wants to receive and the amount of clothes he wants to be washed. There will also be the possibility of accessing our services through a website where customers can find all kinds of offers and promotions. Obviously, you can hire our service on time and therefore we will have a variety of "packs" so that the customer can choose the type of laundry that best suits their situation. We will include a special pack for hotel chains interested in our service.



Martínez Guillén, Carmen


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management