Desarrollo de plan de empresa para la puesta en el mercado de Libmanucumab


Arregui Bravo, Beatriz 


The project in question deals with a new style of medicine, to be specific, an IV drug that simultaneously attacks CD20 and CD52 cells. Albear S.L, commercial, distribution and storage company of treatments for orphan diseases, constituted by Beatriz Arregui, fifth-year student of Pharmacy at the Chemical Institute of Sarriá y Blanquerna, Ramón Llull University. The new business idea will be applied in the different countries of Europe, where Albear S.L. You will work to achieve a broad portfolio of clients and the target market. Focusing on the reasons why customers want to purchase this product is for a clear reason. It is a win-win business, in which both the client and the company Albear S.L. they benefit. The clients of Albear S.L., will get an intravenous treatment that will give them the possibility of having a life free of treatments after completing the 12 sessions of Libmanucumab. On the other hand, Albear S.L. you will have quite a high profit with 25 of the clients you will deal with. On the other hand, having a product patent will grant the company the possibility of growing in the market without suffering from possible competitors. It is for this reason that we are talking about a business in which both parties win. The company will initially be made up of eleven employees. An HR employee, seven sales representatives, two people in charge of marketing, one of them, Beatriz Arregui, also a partner and, finally, the accounting and administration department, made up of one person. At the beginning of the second year when we already have a greater number of clients, we anticipate the workforce will increase by 8 commercials and finally, in the third year, it will increase by 3 more commercials.
Regarding financing, it is important to note that the share capital will be three hundred and twenty thousand euros (€ 320,000), 7.5% contributed by each of the five shareholders (Arregui Bravo family) and the rest, contributed by the bank loan of a total of € 200,000. With this amount, the company will be able to carry out its activity without any problem in the treasury.
Finally, it should be noted that during the first year of activity the company, according to the estimate, will have losses, although nothing serious being the beginning. However, during the second and third years, the company will already have benefits. This is thanks to the fact that when patients see satisfactory results, in other patients already cured, Albear S.L. You will be able to attract new clients who want to undergo treatment with Libmanucumab.



Marín Mas-Sardà, Juan José


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy