Desarrollo de un adsorbente basado en óxido de grafeno


Escobar Peral, Álvaro


In the present project, the use of commercial graphene oxides as high efficiency adsorbent materials for the elimination of odoriferous substances present in wastewater has been analyzed.
An experimental methodology has been developed to characterize the adsorbent capacity of these materials in aqueous medium by quantifying the adsorption of dimethyl anthranilate by fluorimetry. The results obtained have been compared with the adsorptive capacity of activated carbon, as an example of a product used in the treatment of industrial wastewater.
With the aim of improving the adsorbent capacity of graphene oxides, two modifications have been proposed: the generation of an activated carbon - graphene oxide composite and the reduction by ascorbic acid of the functional groups present in graphene oxides.
This last approach has shown promising results in the adsorption capacity of organic compounds of graphene oxides.



Colominas Guàrdia, Carles
Ramos Masana, Ana 


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemistry