Desarrollo de una aplicación SCADA para una estación de la célula flexible de fabricación


Villanueva Mañé, Arnau


IQS has a flexible manufacturing cell that is monitored by means of a SCADA application developed with Wonderware's Intouch program. Its operation requires a dedicated PC and a license that must be renewed annually. In the initial configuration the cell was equipped with Siemens S7-300 series programmable logic controllers. This last year the CPUs of the flexible cell of the stations have been updated to models of the S7-1500 family.
This opens the door to being able to create a new SCADA application developed in WinCC, a system incorporated into the Siemens TIA Portal program, which does not require an additional license and which would allow the entire flexible manufacturing cell to be managed from an HMI screen.
In this project, a SCADA application has been developed that monitors one of the workstations of the flexible cell and the feasibility of replacing the current application with a new one that allows managing the seven workstations of the cell is studied.



Molins Vara, José Javier
Reyes Pozo, Guillermo


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering