Diseño del sistema de propulsión, generación y almacenamiento de energía eléctrica para un velero de 12 metros


Bosch Dalmau, Joan 


The aim of this thesis is to study the technical and economic feasibility of replacing the combustion engine installed on a 12 meter sailboat by an electric motor, offering the same performance as the original engine. Initial project idea erases from a proposal of Mr. Enrique Monfort, responsible for the electrical engineering laboratory of Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS). The new systems transforms the current sailboat into a 0 emission vessel without altering its behaviour and navegability. To carry out the study as accurate as possible, a real reference sailboat has been used, which has been used to perfom dynamic tests. An initial theoretical part (state of the art) introduces previous concepts to take into account when conducting remotorization. Calculation and sizing of the new propulsive system constitutes the core of the project. Thereafter the energy storage system has been sized using the latest available lithium battery technology and renewable power generation systems. Finally, a budget has been prepared to quantify the engineering costs to calculate the economic viability of the project.



Gallemí Rovira, Oriol
Monfort Bernat, Enrique  


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering