Diseño y construcción de un equipo de medida de solubilidad de gases de efecto invernadero en solventes eutécticos profundos y caracterización preliminar de dichos solventes


Gil Cortizas, Santiago

In this thesis, a predictive molecular model framed within the soft-SAFT theory has been used to model the behavior of the density of DES Deep Eutectic Solvents of the same family. In order to obtain the parameterization values, a model with two cross-association positions has been used, which provides good density results.
An FVT model has been proposed for adjusting the viscosity of DES as a function of temperature, which provides a highly representative adjustment for all DES studied.
Finally, experimental equipment has been built that permits allows the measurement of solubility levels that have been compared with a model of two positions of cross association soft-SAFT. This model has proven inadequate since it considers DES as a pure pseudo-compound.



Pou Ibar, Josep Oriol
Llovell Ferret, Fèlix


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering