Disseny de noves formulacions elastomèriques per a la millora de les propietats mecàniques dels guants quirúrgics


Borrós Cullell, Ramon


Protective equipment is fundamental in medical practice. One of these pieces of equipment is surgical gloves that, in addition to the protection they provide, allow the professional to work with great sensitivity. The main problem with these gloves is that they are very thin, this causes that sometimes they are perforated generating accidents during the operation. For this reason, in this work we want to design a material that, applied to the manufacture of gloves, maintains their sensitivity, but at the same time improves the mechanical properties. The ultimate goal is to improve the penetration resistance of gloves. For this reason, in this work the reinforcement of latex (a fundamental polymer component in the manufacture of gloves) with nanofillers has been proposed. The use of nanoparticles (with a high surface/volume ratio) increase their interaction with the latex, increasing the reinforcing effect with a relatively small amount. To achieve this objective, different types of nanofillers (layered silicates, graphene oxide, nanocellulose) are studied. The best way to incorporate them into the latex, how they affect the vulcanization process and the maximum acceptable amount have been studied. Characterization techniques of the nanocomposites obtained have been developed and the mechanical properties of the most promising formulations have been evaluated, as well as their resistance to puncture. Finally, it has sought to optimize the manufacturing process. The combination of cellulose nanocrystals with graphene oxide has shown its potential as an explorable solution to the problem presented.



Agulló Chaler, Núria
Francesc Julian, Joan


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy