Drive BCN


Salse de la Cruz, Ivonne
Tomas Pamies, Judit



In the century of shared electric mobility, motosharing works among the new forms of urban mobility, as it offers the user a better experience thanks to the ease of use and comfort. It works through an app and has two clear advantages over cars: traffic avoidance and ease of parking. And thanks to motosharing, you no longer have to buy a vehicle.
The aim of this work is based on the creation of a mobile application that integrates all Barcelona's motosharing services into a single platform, Drive BCN, with the aim of facilitating and promoting shared mobility trips in the city. The application will provide the exact information and location of all vehicles, allowing the user to locate the bike on a map, and hire and pay for the service on the same platform. The purpose of this application is to help users who want to enjoy the motosharing service.
To define the business, a study will be made of the internal and external part of the company. This study will show us the main characteristics of the sector, its current competitors and the characteristics of its potential customers. The objectives proposed to achieve this Business Plan will be formulated together with coherent strategies. It is intended that Drive BCN obtain a certain market share in Barcelona as well as the loyalty of its customers. Initially, we identified the main needs of users, as well as the mistakes made by motorcycle rental companies, to analyze how to avoid them and to be able to differentiate ourselves from the competition.
Finally, we have established the budget and control of all the actions carried out, with the purpose of financially documenting and analyzing the actions of the plan. Developing this project will require an initial investment of 30,000 euros by the partners, and a Business Angel who will invest 50,000 euros in the business. In addition, we will apply for a short-term and long-term loan of 50,000 euros, so that the total financing will be 130,000 euros.



Asenjo Fernández, Javier


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management