E’ WE GO - Alquiler de vehículos eléctricos en Barcelona


Perelló Cabezas, Elvira
Sagrera Fradera, Carla 


E’ WE GO was born from the need to want to have electric vehicles in any time and be able to choose the model that best suits the circumstances of that Moment It is a service for those users located in the Barcelona area.
The objective of the project is that the client can choose the model of electric vehicle that best suits you and pick it up at the nearest car park. In this way, E’ VAMOS difference  from the competition and from other car rental companies conventional, in efficiency, speed, safety and sustainability offered. the service is offered through a mobile application and a web page, where the user must choose the model and the fee that best suits your needs. You must also indicate the approximate time you wish to have the service and fill out a form with your data for the company team to approve your request. Once approved the request, the user will be able to access our vehicle.
With E 'WE GO the client will have booked the car that best suits their circumstances without having to travel displaced and without paperwork. The main objective is to introduce the service in the market, in such a way that we achieve certain brand awareness and in consequently our public increase progressively.
The initial investment necessary to start the business activity is provided by the two partners, so that the sum of said investment is €50,000. This amount covers expenses fixed, administrative procedures and investments necessary for the initial business.
According to the company's calculations, the sales volume compensates each year. Income of the first three years are €102,816, €154,224 and €205,632 respectively.
After analyzing the different ratios, E' WE GO is in good financial health optimal. The treasury is positive for what it means to be able to face the payments.
With the designed business model, the project would be profitable only with losses in the first year that represents 26% of sales. The next two years, the benefits mean the 7% and 16% of sales. Increasing sales volume could mean investing and expand the business both by increasing the fleet of electric vehicles and expanding the collection points of our vehicles.



Fazio Bieto, José


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management