Ecobin Smart Solutions Business Plan


Gallardo Puig, Ariadna
Ortega Weeks, Estivaliz 


Ecobin is an idea that arises from an everyday situation. During a leisure visit to the center of Barcelona, ​​a high rate of dirt was observed, bins overflowing with waste and many of them accumulated around the bin. With a problem in mind, they began to evaluate different solutions and the development of Ecobin Smart Solutions began, a project with which it was intended to create a smart bin that could increase the waste capacity.
Ecobin is represented as a smart waste bin that allows you to properly dispose of any type of waste. Among these types of waste we can highlight glass, paper-cardboard, organic waste and non-organic waste. Ecobin has sensors that report in detail the status of its capacity, if it has any incident or if it should be emptied. The wastebasket is connected to a cloud that acts as a server for receiving the information collected by the sensors. The bin incorporates a small compactor powered by photovoltaic energy through a solar panel in the upper part of the bin.
Ecobin's market is focused on city councils and service companies subcontracted by city councils since we believe that it can be our key client and they are the ones who provide cities with urban furniture. However, Ecobin is open to other customer segments such as institutions, administrations, schools, shopping centers, etc., where there is considerable waste generation and Ecobin can act as a solution.Ecobin's competitive advantage is focused on the specialization of the sector that allows generating an experience effect, learning based on knowledge, seeking innovation and adaptation to new environmental policies. In addition, in many of the cities at the national and international level, a project similar to Ecobin has not been started.
Ecobin has a highly qualified team, which guarantees a reliable and effective product, providing an improvement in sustainability in the cities where it is used. The project leaders are Ariadna Gallardo, graduated in Industrial Technology Engineering and Estivaliz Ortega, graduated in Industrial Mechanical Engineering.
The total investment for this project is € 251,300. Although it can be a high investment, it will be shown that Ecobin can be profitable and provide a lot of value, with a future of international expansion that will be understood in its Business Plan.



Ramírez Roma, Xavier


IQS SM - Master’s Degree in Industrial Business Management