Ecolife: Plan de empresa para la creación de una red de comida sana y sostenible para llevar


Osete Anton, Marc 
Picón Vila, Oriol  


We live immersed in a society where the value of time is more valued than the monetary value. We are involved in a hectic society that is not allowed to waste time on small pleasures.
Every day millions of people fight a battle between the time they dedicate to work and the time they dedicate to their leisure activities. To save time in this battle, there are many who have chosen to put aside their consumption habits and consume a snack quickly, thus gaining a few minutes, but so precious, at rest time. Others choose to consume something quickly prepared from home, others decide to consume a daily menu in an establishment near their workplace. Most of them have a common factor, many of them declare that they would prefer to consume healthier foods during these tiny breaks.
Our business idea combines the two factors explained above: the lack of time in the act of eating and healthy eating.
We will cover the need for the act of eating to be carried out in a fast, comfortable, sustainable, and healthy way.
Our business idea is to create a network for the sale of healthy takeaway menus. These menus will be packaged in recyclable or biodegradable containers at the customer's choice. The sale price of these menus will be € 9.90.
Our source of income will be the daily sale of healthy menus.
To create our business model, as well as to have enough cash for the first years of our activity, € 20,000 will be necessary. To obtain this figure we will rely on financial credit.
Our business will reach the profitability threshold between the tenth and eleventh month of activity with a total of 11,758 menus served, which represents a grandchild of accumulated turnover of € 116,404.2. We estimate sales during the first year of activity of approximately 15,000 units.
We are convinced that our business will be profitable for the following reasons: firstly, the growing global trend towards healthy and sustainable products, the consumer urgently demands sustainability measures, some of these begin by eating organic, healthy and local products. Secondly, due to the growing evolution and good reception that the food delivery market has experienced, it is expected that this demand will not stop growing in the coming years. Thirdly, because of the very low price of our raw material and lastly because of the lack of competition for healthy meals to take to the city of Barcelona.



Eslava Gurrea, Juan Pablo


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management