Effect of the Hydrodynamic Profile of a Lattice Structure Heat Sink on its Thermal Performance


Bilbao Guillén, Mikel


The geometry of a heat sink influences the way the fluid surrounds it, and consequently affects the performance of the heat sink. In this project, the influence of the hydrodynamic profile of the struts of a lattice structure on its thermal performance as a heat sink is studied. For this, four BCCz lattice structures with different section shapes are designed and their behaviour at different inlet velocities of the cooling fluid is studied. To determine the result, the total pressure drop and the total heat dissipation coefficient are calculated. The results obtained show that the structure with the best per-formance as a heat sink is the one with elliptical section, although the structure with a section in the form of a hydrodynamic profile could have been the most effective if the calculations had been pos-sible.



Pérez Martínez, Marco Antonio
Ahmad Batikh


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering