Estratègia de síntesi d’un hidrogel pel tractament del despreniment de retina regmatogen


Querol Pérez, Gisela Carlota 


When a retinal detachment occurs, it is necessary to act quickly to reduce the loss of vision for the patient. Today, the intervention par excellence in these cases is vitrectomy. This technique requires the patient to remain immobile for a long period of time after the intervention.
The objective of this project is the design of a strategy for the synthesis of a hydrogel with specific properties to eliminate the resting time in which patients undergo vitrectomy find themselves. To achieve this end, a bibliographic search is made on different types of hydrogels and the advantages of using this material in ophthalmology are presented. On the other hand, different ways are sought to manipulate its properties and adapt them to specific ones that are needed for the aforementioned application. Additionally, a brief experimentation is also carried out to study different behaviors of a thermosensitive hydrogel.



Borrós Gómez, Salvador 
Fornaguera Puigvert, Cristina


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemistry