Estudi de l'anàlisi de PCBs en pigments


Guinovart Castán, Laura


Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) were produced by industrial processes, under the name of Aroclors (United States), between the 20s and 80s of 20th century. The unintentionally formation of some PCBs (UP-PCB) in some manufacturing processes, such as pigments, is reported in literature. In this work, PCBs present in a purified extract of a blue pigment have been analyzed by gas chromatography with ECD detector and coupled to mass spectrometry, using two chromatographic columns (ZB-5/RTX-5MS and HT8-PCB). The identification of PCBs present in Aroclors technical mixtures and in the pigment sample was carried out by comparing retention times to those of PCBs present in standard solutions of congeners and with the help of literature. Some UP-PCBs, which were not present in Aroclors mixtures, have been identified in the blue pigment sample, such as PCB 11, 12 and 35 and three additional PCBs that remain unknown. The presence of PCBs in the pigment sample has been quantified by external standard method, resulting in a concentration of 13.9 ng/g, where more than 30% corresponds to UP-PCBs. 



Díaz Ferrero, Jordi


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemistry