Estudio de la expulsión de prensado de piezas con valona en procesos pulvimetalúrgicos: propuesta de un criterio de decisión del sistema de prensado


Crecente García, Sabela

The present project was carried out in collaboration with the company AMES SA. The main aim of the project is to propose a model that can serve as a criterion for choosing the most suitable powder metallurgical technology compacting system for flanged parts – step die system or two lower punches –, to reduce the risk of crack creation during ejection. For this purpose, the ejection of flanged parts is studied by analysing several real parts from AMES SA and their real manufacturing system.
The study is carried out by means of finite element simulations with SolidWorks Simulation software. Simplified models of the real parts are created and a model material with the properties of an iron powder compact (in green) is defined. Static and nonlinear dynamic simulations are performed to study the ejection and the maximum stresses reached in the models as a function of their geometry.
Finally, the results from the static simulations and the compacting systems used in the manufacturing of each part are cross compared. This allows to put forward thresholds for pressing with the step die system, based on the ratio of flange diameter and neck diameter (Ratio Ø) and the maximum Von Mises stress obtained at the edge where the flange and the neck of the part meet.



Gómez Gras, Giovanni
García Granada, Andrés


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering