Estudio de un surtidor de hidrógeno para hidrogeneras


Pedrola Piñol, Joan

This project will review the current pollution situation. Focusing mainly on transport, a review will be made of the different regulations that affect the transport sector to  reverse the situation of greenhouse gases. With hydrogen as an alternative to hydrocarbon-based transport, the different current methods for obtaining hydrogen will be reviewed, with emphasis on the solu-tions that allow obtaining green hydrogen. It will also review the current situation of hydrogen as an energy vector and analyse the situation of a hydrogen-based transport network. The different options that exist for supplying hydrogen to vehicles will be explained and, in detail, the different instrumentation equipment used in these installations will be discussed. The in-strumentation on the dispenser will be commented and also the technologies that they use. Finally, this described instrumentation will be analysed from an economic point of view. Once the analysis is done, all the knowledge seen will be put into practice by designing a prototype hydrogen plant.



Pérez Martínez, Marco Antonio


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering