Estudio del estado actual de los vehículos de hidrógeno


Barceló Llull, Joan


This project goes through the different technical, economic, and social aspects that would entail a change of economy based on fossil fuels and the feasibility of using hydrogen as a producer of electric energy and as a fuel. First, a review of the status of hydrogen utilization, fuel cells, forms of storage, production and obtaining hydrogen gas and the current state of hydrogen plants in Spain, reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of this. The models that in 2022 are commercialized in Spain and their technical characteristics are compared. The use of hydrogen in other means of transport, such as urban buses and passenger transport ships, has been investigated. A comparative study of fuel cell vehicles with the internal combustion vehicles known up to now and electric vehicles with batteries is carried out. The safety factors involved in this type of new vehicles for most of the population. A hypothesis of the change that would entail changing the economic scenario towards an economy based on hydrogen and its viability today is made. Finally, the trends of this market and its technical and economic advances are mentioned.



López Navarro, Ferran


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering