Evaluación de adhesivos para la unión de aluminio 5754-H22 para la industria automovilística y la aplicación en el coche eléctrico


Osorio Álvarez, Mario


In these current times, automobile weight reduction is an urgent necessity, not only with the aim of decreasing the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere but also to increase the range of electric vehicles, whose industry is undergoing a huge expansion. With this purpose, the automotive industry has started using lighter alloys such as aluminium as well as adhesives as substitutes of more conventional metallic joining methods. In this proyect, several independent formulations as well as certain industrial adhesives have been tested in order to see if their use is plausible within the industry, reducing costs and energy.



Colominas Guàrdia, Carles


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering