Evaluación de riesgos relacionados con agentes biológicos en los laboratorios de investigación de IQS


Vila Vaquer, Mariona 


Biological agents are microorganisms, including genetically modified ones, cell cultures and human endoparasites, which are capable of causing any type of infection, allergy or toxicity. They are living beings that can affect humans. The general measures for the prevention and control of biological risk try to avoid the growth, dispersion and contact of the biological agent with the worker. Among them we can mention: the cleaning and disinfection of the premises, the equipment and the work tools; the implementation of work procedures and the use of collective protection equipment to prevent the dispersion of the biological agent; the proper management of waste and potentially infectious samples; the follow-up of adequate hygiene practices; the immediate treatment of any cut, wound or accident with a biological risk and the use of personal protective equipment. The proper implementation of these measures requires information, training and worker training in the correct monitoring of them. In this work, the risk analysis has been carried out in the IQS research laboratories: Biomaterials, Biochemistry, Cardiovascular Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Microbiology.



Serra Hosta, Eduard


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Biotechnology