Expanded catalogues of long noncoding RNAs in cancer


Hionides Gutiérrez,  Alejandro


In recent years, lncRNA (long non coding RNA) have been gaining importance and have been related to different processes and mechanisms that can lead to disease. Mainly, lncRNAs have grown exponentially in the investigation of possible new therapies against cancer, since they can play roles as promoters or suppressors of cancer, suggesting that in the future, these genes could have a role in first-class therapies. line against cancer. For this reason, high-quality lncRNA gene catalogs that explain their role in cancer are necessary for a better understanding of their role in this type of disease.
This work focuses on the bibliographic search of new functional lncRNAs, to be able to be added to the CLC database (Cancer lncRNA census) and the subsequent description of this gene according to its biological activity, the type of cancer, the scientific evidence, the chemoresistance, the reference and finally, the GenCode identification. Expanded CLC will facilitate future work to better understand and harness the roles of lncRNAs in cancer.


Fornaguera Puigvert, Cristina 
Johnson, Rory


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Biotechnology