FlowChem a escala pilot


Duaso Carbonell, Mariona 


It works with the Syrris Titan reactor that is available in the Chemical Process Engineering Laboratory, FlowChem. Its operation and maintenance are studied, as well as its two piston pumps, its reactor controller, its pressure regulator and its heater.
A manual has been prepared that clarifies various aspects of its operation. It has been found that the laminar flow of the reactor causes a great dispersion of residence time, for which the introduction of air bubbles has been tested to ensure plug flow. Unfortunately, the Syrris Titan's pumps are not equipped to carry out this function. Reverse flow is observed when the pressure to the two Syrris Titan pumps is different. The use of check valves is proposed to avoid this phenomenon. An electrical conductivity sensor is developed to characterize the residence times within the reactor. An Arduino microprocessor and software are used Python 3.7 to acquire and process the data. The proper functioning of the sensor developed with a desktop prototype is verified since, unfortunately, the emergence of COVIDIEN-19 has prevented further experiments with the Syrris Titan.



Sempere Cebrian, Julià


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Chemical Engineering