Formulació i caracterització d’espumes epoxídiques


Ulier Bernaus, Pol


Polymeric foams are materials used in a wide range of industries such as insulators, encapsulants or sealants. Recently, they also take interest as support structural in structures of composite materials, in search of weight reduction. Among the structural foams, epoxy technology can be a candidate to satisfy the demand for foams for the aforementioned applications. In the present project, two-component foamable epoxy systems are designed, indicated for applications where foaming of the product is required in situ. This development aims to understand and control the foaming process of a epoxy system, to be able to materialize foams of these characteristics in the future according to demand. To develop the foams, different formulation strategies will be proposed for the cell formation in synchronization with the healing of the base system. It will also be studied the effect of possibly modifying factors of the foams, to know their effect on response variables, with an experimental design. Finally, it will be studied implementation of two of the strategies studied for application in processes of real industrial manufacturing. The current project has allowed, not only to study and materialize systems of epoxy foams a scale of the laboratory, but also to establish the guidelines for the design of these systems characteristics by application according to customer demand. The designed foams have able to put into practice to solve two industrial needs. This project has carried out under the framework of the company in which you collaborate during the performance of the work, Sailing Technologies S.L.



Borrós Gómez, Salvador
Agulló Chaler, Núria 


IQS SE - Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering