Frit Ravich´s Entry into Germany – An International Marketing Plan for the German Market


Rubino Muñoz, Amalia
Casanovas Vidal, Ester 


This last year has tested all industries, making a lot of brands reconsider their global strategies and find ways to survive. Through our master degree we have learned both, the success stories and unsuccessful ones; but the most important lesson has been that constant innovation hand by hand with a strong brand image makes the best bet. All the knowledge, the strategies, the research tools, and the real cases; are embodied to deliver the best fitting marketing internationalization plan for Frit Ravich.
Frit Ravich is one of the leading Spanish snack producers and distributors. This study aims to analyze and develop the opportunity to bring a product of Frit Ravich to Germany while taking into consideration the external and internal new normality in the world. First of all, it is important to understand the company, its products, and its strategies. Second, the study of the potential market and how Frit Ravich can fit and find its spot in the new country. Last but not least, the marketing plan proposed to follow both the already established company strategies and the german consumer behavior, combining them to create an insightful and coherent report. All aspects mentioned in this introduction will be explained in detail through the paper, as well as an additional appendix on the study of Germany and the United Kingdom. This extra information provides an extended analysis of both countries, both behavioral and empirical, to prove that Germany is the better option for Frit Ravich.
This marketing plan has been thought and done with the intention to be realistic and ready to implement by the company. All the data found through the report is contrasted with external verified information, as well as information provided by Frit Ravich; the rest is the creation and idealization of the authors.



Palau Saumell, Ramon 


IQS SM - Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management