Green Kitchen


Perret Heredia, Andrea
Marin Torres, Carlota



Today's society is constantly changing in the world related to food delivery, the offer today is based on:

1. Eating fast food, harmful to health as it contains pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics that in the long run cause immunity to antibiotics and can cause serious illness.
2. Healthy and quality food, but at prices that consumers cannot afford.

This study shows how serious it is to eat meat and other foods such as fruits and vegetables that have chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics, as in the long run they can be very harmful to health and highly harmful. The concept of the food delivery that you are looking to create must be related to the needs of the customer you are trying to satisfy, which include both the income level and the age, lifestyle, etc.
In the province of Barcelona, ​​according to the INE, there is a population of 5,664,579 inhabitants, of which 28.9% are concentrated in the capital amounting to a total of 1,637,063 inhabitants. An article in La Vanguardia shows that 85.1% of this population use the Internet frequently, so it would be a total of 1,393,140 people. According to a study carried out by Kantar Worldpanel, it reports that 36% of Spaniards have access to delivery platforms, therefore a total of 501,530 inhabitants. He adds that 32.6% of this half a million inhabitants use the online platform for lunch, for a total of 163,498 people. This is the amount of population that is interested in doing the study from which the consumer profile will be defined. The delivery platform Just Eat, conducted a study with a sample of 2,000 people selected at random to define the ideal consumer profile that uses these platforms resulting in being residents in a large city, with average purchasing power and lives as a family or as a couple. In terms of service, the consumer is considered demanding with quality and speed, and also daring in terms of culinary tastes. 65% of respondents like to try new flavors. Given the ease of ordering food at home, we choose to offer an alternative that can meet the needs of consumers by adjusting to the product that is best for them and the planet. In this way, our business emerges a food delivery service that will promote blockchain platforms in the food supply chain, thus allowing the traceability of its products in order to guarantee their quality.
We will be able to encourage responsible consumption of everything we consume, allowing all people who are our customers to have access to healthy food by creating a product and service consisting of quality and sustainable food. We will communicate the benefits through social media and different delivery platforms.



Rojas, Manuel


IQS SM - Undergraduate Program in Business Administration and Management