Heura Foods entry into the U.S. market – An International Marketing Plan for Heura


Büürma, Luca Alexander
Gelmetti, Alessandro


The global Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted many industries and even enforced the aspects of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) companies are operating in nowadays. However, given its origin coupled with emerging global health and environmental trends, it also disrupted consumer behavior in many countries likewise, as the distrust in the safety of food and especially meat increased consumer awareness and enforced consumption reduction or substitution. Due to these developments the already growing plant-based meat market and the respective companies experienced further tailwind.
However, increasing in size coupled with especially complex economic and social aspects beginning 2022, the strategic evaluation of market forces as well as their management to successfully compete and continue to grow within this industry becomes evident once more. Consequently, this master thesis will deal with a detailed evaluation and assessment of the possibility for Heura to enter the US market and the development of a strategy and tactics for doing so as part of the International Marketing Plan. Therefore, we start by carefully conducting an internal analysis covering various dimensions of Heura’s activities in order to be able to conclude the strength and weaknesses as the determinants of the company’s characteristics and its performance. Afterwards, we will analyze the macro- as well as the microenvironment to assess the forces within the US and especially the plant-based meat industry. The internal and external analysis and its respective findings will serve as a foundation for establishing a SWOT to elaborate on potential opportunities, through the strategic assessment of Heura’s performance and capabilities. The following part will then outline the strategic marketing aspects of segmentation, targeting, and the pursued positioning. Having outlined the strategic orientation, we then focus on tactical and operational aspects to pursue the outlined strategy and achieve the defined objectives. This part will deal with a broad spectrum of activities to enable the market entry to the US for Heura.




Derqui Zaragoza, Belén


IQS SM - Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management