The impact of social media marketing on purchase intentions of fast fashion mediated by motivations: analysis of the role of culture In Jordan, Morocco and Spain


Echtouki, Zineb


Over the years, the significance of new technology in business has been studied. One commonality in almost all studies is that new technology, especially the internet has had significant effects on customers’ buying behaviours and the business people’s ability to reach the customers. This project was geared toward understanding the effects of social media and other factors that affect marketing. The study considered various issues, other than the technology, among which included the advent of Covid- 19, hedonic motivations and culture, and how these factors affected fast fashion retail’ ability to serve their customers. It sought to explain four major concepts related to marketing. One of these specific concepts was whether social media marketing elements had a positive correlation with the online and offline purchasing intentions of fast fashion products. The second one we want to analyse whether motivations can mediate the correlations between social media and the buyers’ purchase intentions. Third objective of the study was to understand whether culture played a role in moderating the correlation between social media marketing and purchase intentions of fast fashion commodities. The last was to understand the effect of Covid-19 on purchase intentions of fast fashion consumers. The study used an online questionnaire that was shared through social media platforms. The study involved three hundred and sixty questionnaires that were distributed across three countries, namely Morocco, Jordan, and Spain. The resulting responses from the questionnaires were then analysed through Smartpls. The findings show that social media marketing elements impact online and offline purchase intentions in different ways, and that motivations are moderating the social media marketing elements and online purchase intentions, while in Jordan they are moderating social media marketing elements and offline purchase intentions.




Jiménez-Asenjo, Noelia


IQS SM - Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management