Impacto del SARS-CoV-2 en la gestión de las oficinas de farmacia


del Cacho Montañá, Montserrat


In 2020, society experienced a great change in their lives, with this they changed the way they do things and socialize. A complicated situation has been experienced in community pharmacies, but it has been overcome and new needs of the population have been detected. It was observed that patients requested that they be offered new services focused on a greater follow-up of their pathologies and the growing interest in health care. For this work, an interview was carried out with four pharmacists on how the pharmacy has evolved since the beginning of the pandemic and a survey was carried out with 200 Spanish pharmacists to find out what services they currently offer and their willingness to offer new services. Most of the pharmacists surveyed indicated that pharmacy staff should have greater interaction with doctors and health centers to offer better health services to patients. In conclusion, the company calls for greater communication between the health professionals who attend them as well as more health services from the pharmacy office. Nevertheless, these must be protocolized and respect the confidentiality of the personal and medical data of the patients.



Derqui Zaragoza, Belén


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy