Implantación de AGVs en el proceso de gestión de jaulas de KLTs


Serrano Moreno, Emma


SEAT is a factory belonging to a multinational group that is in continuous modernization of new technologies and optimization of all its processes.
The creation of the automatic warehouse creates new work processes, which, in a short period of time, will be automated.
This is where this project takes place, based on the automation of a manual process where automation and efficiency prevail, as well as savings in the company's budget.
To carry out this project, automatic guided vehicles are used to replace the common tractors, which transport full or empty containers of material, depending on the process.
At present, containers smaller than 600 x 400 mm, called KLT's, are extracted from the combs of the new automatic warehouse and placed on platforms called cages. This is where the cage management process comes into play, since full cages must be taken to a specific area to be transported to the line and consequently empty cages must be replenished in the combs.
In the future, it is intended to have AGVs that do this process in an efficient way, without interruptions and in an optimal way, so that no tractor drivers are needed and a more fluid and constant process is obtained.



López Navarro, Ferrán


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering