Influencia de la concentración de oxígeno sobre la fosforescencia de agentes fotosensibilizantes


León Hermoso, Martín


This paper aims to study and compare the influence of oxygen concentration on the phosphorescence of photosensitizing agents. First, the intensity and lifetime of phosphorescence in different hypoxic and hyperoxic environments of four metalloporphyrins is measured. Second, the behavior of these is evaluated by means of Stern-Volmer formalism, presenting all favorable characteristics to be used in photodynamic therapies, but with certain differences according to the metal ion and the solvent. Finally, the cellular location of the PdTPTBP compound in HeLa tumoral cells is studied and are observed aggregates and a non-uniform distribution after confocal microscopy.



Nonell Marrugat, Martí 


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Biotechnology