Internalización de la producción de tablas de información para el uso de productos


Conesa Lara, Pau


One of the fundamental principles that governs the pharmaceutical industry is continuous improvement, so that processes and services must be constantly reviewed, even if they work correctly, to optimize them. As a benchmark and consolidated company in its sector, Diagnostic Grifols seeks to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility of all its processes and services. This project proposes a paradigm shift in the production of informative tables that are necessary for a wide range of products, which will lead to an economic, sustainable and resource improvement for the company. In this work the current process is analyzed, contrasted with the adopted solution the procedure to carry it is defined, emphasizing the economic and environmental aspects. In addition, future work will be addressed to continue with the philosophy of continuous improvement in processes.



Espasa Sempere, María Luisa


IQS SE - Undergraduate Program in Industrial Engineering