An International Marketing Plan for Biogrà to enter the French market


Poch Marimón, Núria
El Marjou, Tounarouze


We have worked with Sorribas-Biográ to develop the marketing plan for the launch of their patties into the French market.
Sorribas is a pioneering company in healthy eating products, adapted to the food needs of people. In response to the growing demand for organic products, the company created Biogrà, a brand of certified organic food products committed to human health. Biogrà patties are made with natural products that do not contain inceciticides, herbicides, fertilizers, chemicals and have not been genetically modified. They have ecological certifications that guarantee that their products do not contain chemical components and are respectful of the environment.
They plan to expand their markets and launch this product into the French market because it adjusts to their values and adapts to the growing trends in the country in terms of organic and ecological food. Thanks to a thorough internal and external analysis we have discovered that Biográ is competing with major players such as HappyVore, Hari & Co and Heura Foods. However, Biogrà has unique strengths and opportunities that can help them gain a competitive advantage. Following this analysis, we conducted a study of consumer behavior in order to understand how they behave and what their preferences are in this category. The results allowed us to segment the market and gain interesting knowledge that helped us to shape our strategy and define our goal. Biogrà patties are positioned as a product with exceptional organoleptic quality due to their vegetable ingredients, hence we came up with recommendations for the marketing mix. In terms of price and distribution, recommendations were made based on the company's goals. It was quite interesting to see that people were prone to pay higher prices for products with organic certification. Last but not least, a communication proposal was made in order to promote the product and commit to the desired target, building lasting links with them not only on the POS but also online through the communities they have in the different social media networks.




Palau Saumell, Ramón


IQS SM - Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management