An international marketing plan for Frit Ravich for the entry to the German market


Ettayebi, Nouha
Giménez Alguea, Judith


With the abundance of markets to explore, Frit Ravich, a Catalan company, once again decides to rise to the challenge and find an opportunity in a new market. Through its culture of tradition and the desire to provide added value to its consumers, the brand decides to export its nuts to Germany.
During the project, a key role has been given to all the booming trends that are drawn as a conclusion of the research. Among them, we find that consumers are increasingly aware of health and wellbeing, giving a special focus of attention to the sustainability of products. For this reason, it is decided that the products to be exported are those that meet these qualities and specifications by German consumers. We have directed the communication to a specific segment with an age range that varies between 18 and 45 years old but who have very specific lifestyles. This segment has interests marked by working out, spending time with friends, trying new food products...In addition to having values of environmental awareness, leading a sustainable life, and leading a sustainable life with a balanced diet and great consumers of snacks while they are in social gatherings. With the adaptation of the label from the packaging, having the right distribution channels and agents, and taking into consideration the demands of the new market, Frit Ravich products can fit into it by positioning themselves as a Spanish brand leader in nuts with a health care and sustainable approach. To finish, state that all the actions have some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will allow analysing the results of the Marketing Plan if it ends up being carried out.




Palau Saumell, Ramón


IQS SM - Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / International Marketing & Sales Management